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We are Miami's best dog walking and pet sitting service. 305doggie offers quality pet services in the Miami Area. We customize our services to meet the needs of you and your pet. Our professional dog walkers and pet sitters are trustworthy, dependable individuals with excellent references. We have sit for many different pets ranging from the most exotic pets to common house hold pets. Our quality pet care service area spans all throughout South Florida. 305Doggie is an accredited member of Pet Sitters International with many years of experience, and we provide the highest quality service in the pet care industry.



Quality Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services in Miami Florida, Our Products and Specials Life's Abundance Dog Food

305Doggie is teaming up with Healthy Pet Net to bring you Life's Abundance pet food. Life's Abundance is special pet food because it is veterinarian formulated product inspired by natural ingredients that bring out the best in your pet's health. Life's Abundance provides weight loss formulas along with regular formulas to fit the needs of you and your pet. You can reorder your pet food online, and have it conveniently delivered to your home every week or month.

Here are some of the products that we offer in collaboration with Healthy Pet Net:

Life's Abundance Regular

Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food is veterinarian-formulated with select ingredients to help your dog achieve and maintain optimum health. We use a “fast-cook" process to help preserve the nutritional value of each and every wholesome ingredient. And we maintain strict inventory controls to ensure the quality and safety of our foods.

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Life’s Abundance Weight-Loss Formula is veterinarian-formulated with select ingredients to help your dog lose weight and maintain optimum health. Obesity is one of the most common health problems among house hold pets. Over weight pets tend to have more health problems, so shedding a few unwanted pounds by feeding your pet this formula will go a long way in your pet's overall health.

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Life's Abundance Canned Dog Food. Your pet will get a kick out of our savory breakfast and dinner canned foots. In the morning, give your pet a taste of our omelet inspired serving of turkey and shrimp. And, at the end of the day, they’ll relish the delectable Chicken Crab Dinner in Sauce, featuring organic chicken, crab, eggs, carrots, red skinned potatoes, peas and apples in an appetizing sauce.

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